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      The fine binding method of printing and advantages
      Posted on:2017-07-17 09:48:04    Browse (1096)

      1, Wireless glue binding

      Wireless glue binding: After folding the paper with glue binding, using the book hot melt adhesive to bond the book core, it don’t need the staples or wire.

      Features: Wireless glue binding is one of the most commonly used binding methods, it is composed of loose paper through the hot melt in the spine solidification of the product.

      Advantages: fast, affordable.

      Scope: applicable to general documents, tenders, materials, teaching materials and so on

      2, Saddle stitching binding:

      Product Features: saddle stitch binding is for the few pages of books commonly used binding method.

      Advantages: convenient, easy to look and affordable.

      Applicable scope: album, album, magazine, periodical, brochure, product brochures, brief introduction, personal information, business books, etc.

      3, plastic ring / ring binding:

      After folding the book, punch it. Sorted and then put the ring into a bookProduct

      features: durable, can be 180 degrees or 360 degrees flip, flat turn

      Advantages: loose-leaf binding, add or delete pages convenient, fast, affordable.

      Applicable scope: for general information, desk calendar, calendars, tool manuals and so on

      4, Sewing binding:

      Use the line to wear the pages together, and then glue the pages of the printed material fixed on the spine.

      product features:

      Advantages: Adhesive book core, plus line to fixed, when the book opened, you can fully display the contents of the book

      Applicable scope: hardcover book

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