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      Service Hotline:+86-18767152120
      Shaoxing Kaiqi Metal Manufactured Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing company established in 2009 in China. It is committed to the R&D, Production and Sale of double loop wire and nylon coated wire. We use advanced automatic equipment with the latest technology in the world, importing high quality materials from foreign countries, all of which make our wires have the best quality: 
       - Perfect smooth surface 
       - Bright colored 
       - Good coating flexibility and mechanical strength 
       - High coating adhesion 
       - High abrasion resistance 
       - High temperature cycle resistance 
       - Humid-proof, rusty-proof and weathering resistance 
      Our material is poison-less and harmless, and is the most ideal material for producing high-quality notebook, desk calendar, hung calendar, single and double spring, and colorful pothook. The products have been approved SGS EU ROHS, passed ISO9001-2008, we have a stable quality and good service. Our products are favored by users, and very popular in both China and abroad. 
      Our company is located in the Chinese Light Textile City, Keqiao, which is the largest textile market in the world, enjoying convenient transportation. We are near Hangzhou City, 10 kilometers away from Hangzhou International Airport. The superior geographical condition and convenient transportation and environment provide good base for logistics. We insist on the principle of "Credit, Trust, Friendship & Mutual-benefit", and try our best to supply you with the best quality products and fast delivery. We will make business easy for you. We welcome you to visit our factory at any time!
      Company Profile
         CONTACT US
          ADD:Jiuding Village,Anchang Town,Keqiao District,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China



          Copyright@SHAOXING KAIQI METAL MANUFACTURED CO.,LTD      Technical Support:Zhejiang seven meters  Seven meters business network

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