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    1. 自定內容
      Service Hotline:+86-18767152120

      Product: Calendar hanger/Calendar hook

      Packing: 5000 pcs / box or 10000 pcs / box.

      Specifications: Length 100-500mm, can be customized.

      Color: black, white, silver.

      Application: for calendars, desk calendar and other binding. Environmental non-toxic, simple and lightweight!

      Our company is specialized in the production of metal double loop wire, nylon coated wire, calendar hanger/hook and other office equipment, Most of the products are exported. In line with EU standards, through the ISO9001 certification. Quality assurance, after-sale protection, please rest assured purchase!

         CONTACT US
          ADD:Jiuding Village,Anchang Town,Keqiao District,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China



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